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Dec 12 2012

Superheroes and Spontaneity

Today we debated the value—or awfulness—of sweatshops and child labor. After what ranged from wildly simplistic statements to deeply insightful discussions on modern economics, with plenty of strong opinions from every angle, I asked, “If we’re all starving, but we can sell W. and all eat and be happier, should we do it?”
“Sure, pick on the short one,” W. mumbled.
“No! We all die together!” called one voice from the corner.
“Yes! We have to sell him to survive!” K. yelled.
“Ok, K. feels strongly about this. You know what, it doesn’t have to be W. Let’s just sell K. instead.”
Before anyone had a chance to respond, K. leapt out of her seat with arms stretched upwards and head tilted back.
“Yes!” Her voice echoed down the hallways. “I will sacrifice myself for you! I will take on anything for you, because




Spontaneous applause.
Sometimes, #ilovemylife.

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