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Jan 24 2012

long term what?

Once upon a time, I made a long term plan. Then I found out I’d been given all the wrong standards, so I made a new one. Then I realized I had no resources, so I got another resource, and I had a different long term plan. Then I realized that neither I nor my students were at all involved in my long term plan, so I made a new long term plan. Then decided that my long term plan wasn’t working… so… you got it. New one. Then I got behind, found out stuff was overlapping, saw huge gaps, so…. that was the end of that one. Last Friday afternoon after school, we had an ELA meeting wherein we all found out we were teaching all the wrong stuff. This morning my vice principal (aka the writing teacher) came in to tell me that he’s scrapping everything and it’s all going to be different than we’d expected.

Four months ago, I thought my long term planning skills weren’t the worst. Now I wonder….

How DO you make an LTP that’s actually functional?

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