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Jan 06 2012

Things that warm my heart on a snow(y) day


Colbie Callait+Jason Reeves… and the related Pandora station.

Students who ask me to clarify directions on my snow day blog and then say it’s helpful when I do …simply because it means they’re reading them

Coming home to my dog

Hot chocolate-or coffee- with Irish cream

Snow days that mean my sister can stay with me longer… and I can catch up to the point I don’t hate my life

When the little red heart shows up by a friend’s name on facebook… even if they’ve been dating for months.

The fact that this is what constitutes a snow day worth calling off two days of school, but mostly that sharing this will make people smile and shake their heads (partially out of amusement that I couldn’t figure out how to flip this right-side up:


Thinking about the coffee shop I’m going to plan in this weekend

The fact that my most reluctant readers went CRAZY reading about the middle ages today and designing medieval weapons from their reading

Pictures of people and places I love and in love

Distracting conversations about polygamy and androgyny in the context of feminism and America

Chocolate, especially in the form of warm double chocolate brownies with chocolate chip mint ice cream

The knowledge that this too shall pass, whatever “this too” may be

Sharing opposite beliefs with equal conviction, and being able to talk about it

Babies, and people having babies

The variety of ways to spell “symbol,” and the incredible challenge that presents to one (me) who desperately believes in the value of spelling effectively when it “should” be relatively low on the priority totem pole

Systems and organization to the point that I feel I have some grip on what’s going on.

The thought of teaching horseback riding, and knowing I really loved it

Feeling a hint of warm fuzzies towards my students for the first time in a long, long time. Not that I don’t love them, but I, the person who used to want to hug every living thing from trees to ocean waves, just haven’t felt a whole lot of warm fuzzies in general for a while.

Going to sleep to the smell of warm blueberry muffins, even if they are for a different class.

Talking through why a student doesn’t like one book and might enjoy a different one… and knowing these students have real lives. I wish I knew them.

Dirty laundry that I know will be clean soon


An almost finished unit plan


The way my “new” classroom is set up

New toothbrushes

My quilt, my pillow, my foot-warming animal, and of course,

Sleep. Speaking of which…

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  1. Keturah

    This brought a big smile to my face because of how much I could either a) identify with or b) imagine you in the midst of…especially that discussion re: polygamy and androgyny…I vaguely remember a conversation we had one time on a similar topic…=)

  2. jennny g

    What is a land without snowdays?

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